Compass Plus v2.0.11

Compass Plus v2.0.11

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: Compass plus a compass as friend.


Compass plus a compass as friend.

Compass Plus can be used for all your outdoor activities whether you are flying, sailing, travelling or camping.

Compass Plus is a simple compass app that offers a lot of graphical personalization.

Compass Plus is a simple and easy to use application, with high quality graphic.

With this compass app you can choose from:

- 7 different compass housing colors,

- black or white compass disk background,

- 4 different app backgrounds,

- three different types of needle for your compass.

Compass Plus can indicate True North (Default) or Magnetic North.


Hold the phone with the display facing the sky and execute a large 8 shape with the phone.

Repeat the 8 shape movement with the display facing your face.

After these two steps the compass should work fine.

Whats New:

- Better support for tablets

- Better support for android 4.x

- Higher image resolution for bigger screens

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